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We are on tap at the finest locations all over Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen including iconic bars at luxury hotels, craft beer specialist bars, trendy bars & restaurants and prestigious private clubs. Below is a list of selected clients and the Google map has a complete list. In addition, we frequently pop-up around town at various places. Stay tuned with our social media for the latest.
A project by Hong Kong’s highest rated and largest independent craft brewery - Young Master Brewery, The Guild is a welcoming restaurant and craft beer bar on Keong Saik Road. Chef Vincent Lauria serves up homemade comfort food paired with a comprehensive drinks menu featuring independent craft beer, cocktails, and all-natural wines. Named for craftsmen associations of the past, The Guild believes in working with small-scale, artisanal producers including brewers, farmers, distillers, wine-makers, and in building a community that appreciates their genuine and thoughtful work.

About The Guild
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